miguel alonso


His native Spain seems like a very distant place now for Miguel, who moved
with his family to Mexico City when he was 13 years old. After high school in
an American school called Mexico City School, Miguel obtained a degree in Hydrobiology at the Metropolitan University in Xochimilco, Mexico. In addition,
he also studied and practiced Scuba Diving at professional levels at an organization called Aquamundo (Water World), where he was educated in Marine Biology as well. But in due time, both Marine Biology and Scuba Diving turned out to be just major hobbies, for Miguel would ventured profoundly in the world of broadcasting and music.

Having a professional classical pianist for an older brother got him started in music at a very early age. At the time he was majoring in Hydrobiology and practicing Scuba Diving, he also studied broadcasting and voice-over techniques, as well as music composition and performing. He went to study art at the Minneapolis Arts Institute, and later on, when he moved permanently to the USA, he specialized in broadcasting and industrial voice-overs, translations, advertising consulting, and music composition, attending Los Angeles’ schools such as Columbia Broadcasting School, and Cal State University at Northridge.